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ILW 2014 Scheule of Events (Subject to change)

Welcome to the American Branch of the International Law Association!

On this website you will find information about the American Branch's conferences, committees, and publications, as well as the Branch's connections to the work of the International Law Association (ILA) headquartered in London.

The ILA and its American Branch have a rich history and provide a wide range of opportunities for early career professionals as well as established international lawyers. The American Branch encourages its members to initiate their own projects, in existing committees or new ones tailored to a specific purpose.

We invite you to join the American Branch and participate in its important work.

2014 International Law Weekend
International Law Weekend 2014 – the premier international law event of the fall season – will place from October 23-25, 2014 in New York City. The theme of ILW 2014 is  International Law in a Time of Chaos.

The annual conference attracts an audience of more than one thousand practitioners, academics, diplomats, members of the governmental and nongovernmental sectors as well foreign policy and law students who are learning about the range of practice and career opportunities.

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2014 ILA Biennial
Every two years, the International Law Association stages a major biennial conference, hosted by different national branches, that brings together the leading international lawyers, international law academics, and members of governments and international organizations from around the world.

From April 7-12, 2014, the 76th ILA Biennial Conference will take place in Washington, D.C. The conference will be held jointly with the Annual Meeting of the American Society of International Law. A joint Program Committee, made up of members of the ABILA, ILA, and ASIL and chaired by Oona Hathaway, Larry Johnson, and Fionnuala Ní Aolain, will organize the joint program.

 ILA Biennial Conf 2014

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The International Law Association (ILA), founded in 1873, is the preeminent international non-governmental organization for developing and restating international law.

The ILA, headquartered in London
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The American Branch stages a major conference – International Law Weekend – which runs for several days in New York each October, and biennial International Law Weekends on the west coast and in the Midwest. These educational   
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One of the unique features of the International Law Association, including the national branches, is the work of the Committees.

Currently, the American Branch has twenty-five Committees headed by a Chair or Co-Chairs.
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American Branch members receive numerous publications as one benefit of their membership. The ABILA Newsletter and the International Law Association Newsletter report on current American Branch and ILA news and also contain substantive
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