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International Investment Law

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Committee:  International Investment Law
Committee Chair(s):  David Attanasio
1900 K Street NW
Washington, DC 20006

Deputy Chair:  None
Committee Mandate:  The International Investment Law Committee focuses on the rapidly evolving field of international investment law and its connection with governments' interest on fostering social and economic development. As part of this, our committee has decided to start with an analysis of the education and expertise needed to allow states and investors to effectively resolve their investment disputes. In 2010 and 2011 the committee presented three expert panels. To continue its work into 2013, the committee's aims are:

1. To identify the educational needs and methods of international legal systems in training future generations of lawyers to foster profound understanding of the developments of investment law and regulation, and of the major systems for resolving disputes;

2. To relate the perspectives of selected multilateral economic institutions, and assess major legal developments that effect the social and economic governance of multinational business enterprises; and

3. To publish, with contributions from selected members of the committee and other experts, a monograph presenting the questions, analyses, and recommendations from our findings and research."

Ultimately, the International Investment Law Committee strives to focus on issues of legal education and reforms that can improve the future of investment law resulting from treaties, local legislation, and to some extent, from the development of consistent case law.

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