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International Investment Law

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Committee:  International Investment Law
Committee Chair(s):  David Attanasio
1900 K Street NW
Washington, DC 20006

Deputy Chair:  None
Committee Mandate:  The International Investment Law Committee focuses on the rapidly evolving field of international investment law and its connection with governments' interest on fostering social and economic development. To advance the development and study of investment law, the Committee has decided to both design and implement a Seminar Series on current issues in investment law and to form a Study Group with the objective of producing a written report on standards for due process before domestic courts.

Committee Activities:  The Committee is developing an ongoing Seminar Series, with a goal of having approximately three expert panels per year on topics of current interest. The Committee contributed a panel to International Law Weekend 2017 on the future of investment arbitration under NAFTA, including the perspectives of speakers with experience in the U.S., Mexican, and Canadian governments. The Committee is also contributing an event on the practical and strategic dimensions of counterclaims in investment disputes to Georgetown University’s International Arbitration Month.

The Committee has also formed a Study Group that will undertake a study, with a written report, on the due process standard for domestic court proceedings in investment law. The due process standard is important but under-analyzed, as limited efforts have been undertaken to systematize the production of international investment tribunals. The Study Group will undertake to provide a comprehensive account of these materials and establish an analytic framework for questions of due process before domestic courts.

Committee Reports: 

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