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United Nations Law

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Committee:  United Nations Law
Committee Chair(s):  Christiane Ahlborn
104 Kent St.
Apt. 4
Brooklyn, NY 11222

Dr. Bart L. Smit Duijzentkunst
225 Sterling Place
No. 4B
Brooklyn, NY 11238
W: (917) 291-6039

Deputy Chair:  None
Committee Mandate:  The United Nations Law Committee offers a forum for discussion of legal issues arising from the work of the United Nations and its specialized agencies. Through panels, written materials and regular updates on legal developments at the United Nations, the Committee engages practitioners, academics and students in a collaborative discourse, the goal of which is to further understanding and foster constructive solutions.

Committee Activities: 
Committee Reports:  In late 2013, John Carey stepped down as Chair of the United Nations Law Committee after numerous years of distinguished service, and Matthew Hoisington and Noah Bialostozky, both of the United Nations Office of Legal Affairs, took over as Co-Chairs of the Committee. In April 2014, the Committee convened a panel on "Treaty Survival" at the George Washington University Law School, in conjunction with the ILA-ASIL Joint Annual Meeting. The panel featured Professors Sean Murphy and Georg Nolte, who are both members of the International Law Commission, as well Professor Duncan Hollis. The discussion was moderated by Arnold Pronto of the United Nations and focused on the effectiveness of treaties over time, particularly the various mechanisms that enable a treaty to adapt to changing circumstances. Thereafter, at International Law Weekend 2014, the Committee held a panel on "Current Policy and Practice with respect to the Protection of Civilians by Peace Operations". Mona Khalil and Col. Badreddine El Harti of the United Nations were joined by Professor Ian Johnstone for a discussion moderated by Matthew Hoisington. The panel explored challenges in the protection of civilians arising from, among other things, high-risk threat environments, the capacity of forces deployed on the ground, and interpretations of Security Council mandates by those tasked with their implementation.

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