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ILA Committees for 2017

For more information visit the Committees and Study Groups section of the ILA website.

Membership on ILA Committees

Participating in the work of International Law Association committees provides a professionally rewarding opportunity to influence the development of international law. The ILA’s rules concerning membership on its committees may be found at http://www.ila-hq.org/en/committees/committees_further_information.cfm. Information about existing and former ILA committees is available at http://www.ila-hq.org/en/committees/index.cfm, and the names of American Branch members currently serving on ILA committees and study groups are listed below. The American Branch, like other ILA branches with over 250 members, may have up to three members and three alternates on each ILA committee. Nominations are typically made at the start of an ILA committee’s mandate, although on occasion an ILA committee chairperson may approve later nominations.

The American Branch’s nominees for ILA Committees are selected by consultation among the American Branch Director(s) of Studies and American Branch members serving on the Executive Council of the ILA in London. As of 2017, the American Branch Co-Directors of Studies are Chiara Giorgetti and Peter Yu; Branch members on the Executive Council include Ruth Wedgwood (Chair of the American Branch Board of Directors), and David Stewart (American Branch President).

In making nominations to ILA committees, preference is given to individuals who have been active in the work of the American Branch and its committees. After the Branch has made its nominations, they are reviewed by the ILA’s Director of Studies and the ILA Committee chair then voted on by the ILA’s Executive Council. Meetings of the Executive Council are usually held in London early each May and each November.

American Branch members of ILA committees report on the work of their committees in the Branch’s Newsletters. (For examples, see the reports in recent American Branch Newsletters available at http://www.ila-americanbranch.org/ABILA_Newsletter.aspx. American Branch members of ILA committees also assist Branch committees involved with projects similar to those of the ILA committees. In addition, American Branch members of ILA committees may also share their views on the topics of their committees by organizing or participating on panels at the Branch’s annual International Law Weekend or at regional ILWs.

The tables below list the ILA Committes and Study Groups for 2017, the leadership of those groups, and the American Branch members who serve on them:

  ILA Committee Leadership and U.S. Members
Committee Chair/Co-Chair Rapporteur(s) U.S. Member(s)
Baselines under the Int'l Law of the Sea J. Ashley Roach (U.S.) Donald Rothwell (Australia) Coalter Lathrop (Alternate)
John E. Noyes
J. Ashley Roach
George K. Walker
Complimentarity in International Criminal Law
Mia Swart (South Africa) Sarah M H Nouwen (Netherlands) Mark Drumbl
Leila Sadat
Feminism & International Law Patricia Conlon (Ireland)  Judy Walsh (Ireland)
Christina Binder (Austria)
Isabel Fernandez-de la Cuesta
Marjory Fields
Lucy Greenwood
Global Health Law Frederick Abbott (U.S.)
Brigit Toebes (Netherlands)
Ellen 't Hoen (Netherlands)
Xavier Seuba (Spain)
Ruth Atherton
Lawrence O. Gostin
Human Rights in Times of Emergency Christina Cerna (U.S.)
Stefan Kadelbach (Germany)
Niels Peterson (French)
Implementation of the Rights of Indigenous Peoples
Willem van Genugten (Netherlands)
Dalee S. Dorough (U.S.)
Federico Lenzerini (Italy)
Timo Koivurova (Finland)
Dalee Dorough
Lorie Graham
Mara Kimmel
Siegfried Wiessner
Intellectual Property and Private International Law Toshiyuki Kono (Japan) Pedro A. de Miguel Asensio (Spain)
Axel Metzger (Germany)
Rochelle C. Dreyfuss
Jane C. Ginsburg
Marketa Trimble
Peter Yu
International Commercial Arbitration Filip De Ly (Netherlands) Mark Friedman (Britain)
Luca G. Radicati di Brozolo (Italy)
Charles Brower
Philip O'Neill
Louise Ellen Teitz
Ruth Wedgwood
Ved Nanda (Alternate)
Andrea Bjorklund (Alternate)
Paul Dubinsky (Alternate)
International Law and Sea Level Rise David Vidas (Norway) David Freestone (Britain)
Jane McAdam (Australia)
Elizabeth Burleson
David Caron
Anita Halvorsen (Alternate)
Charles Norchi
Peter Prows (Alternate)
J. Ashley Roach
International Monetary Law Sir William Blair (Britain)

Thomas Baxter, Jr. (U.S.)
Antonio Sainz de Vicuna y Barroso (Spain)
David Gross (U.S.) Thomas Baxter, Jr.
Lee Buchheit
James Freis, Jr.
David Gross
Sean Hagan
Cynthia Lichtenstein
Ernest Patrikis
International Protection of Consumers Claudia Lima Marques (Brazil) Dan Wei (Headquarters) James P. Nehf
International Securities Regulation Alan Ewins (Hong Kong)
Ida Levine (Britain)
Paul Stevens (U.S.) Edward Fleischman
Barbara Green
Cynthia Lichtenstein
Paul Stevens
Islamic Law and International Law HE Judge Awn Al-Khasawneh
Hossein Esmaeili (Australia)
Irmgard Marboe (Austria)
Javaid Rehman (Britain)
Nuclear Weapons, Non-Proliferation and
Contemporary International Law
Jonathan L. Black-Branch
Dieter Fleck (Germany) Larry Johnson
Procedure of International Courts & Tribunals Helene Ruiz Fabri (France)
Shotaro Hamamoto (Japan)
Philippe Sands (British)
Filippo Fontanelli (Italy)
Arman Sarvarian (British)
Chiara Giorgetti
Jeffrey Dunoff
Protection of Privacy in Private International and Procedural Law Berkhart Hess (Germany) Cristina M. Mariottini (U.S.)
Jan von Hein (German)
David Stewart
Louise Ellen Teitz
Recognition/Non-Recognition in International Law Wladyslaw Czaplinski (Poland)
Christopher Borgen (U.S.)
Aziz Tuffi Saliba (Brazil)
Christopher Borgen
Margaret McGuiness
Chris Naticchia (Alternate)
Brad Roth
Role of International Law in Sustainable Natural Resource Management for Development Nicolaas J Schrijver (Netherlands) Marie-Claire Cordonier-Segger (Canada)
Charles Marvin
Ved Nanda
Cymie Payne
Rule of Law and International Investment Law August Reinisch (Austria) Andrea Bjorklund (U.S.)
Andreas R Ziegler (Swiss)
Andrea Bjorklund
Jose Alvarez
Space Law Maureen Williams (HQ) Stephan Hobe (Germany) Rafael Moro Aguilar
Matthew Schaefer
Frans von der Dunk
Sustainable Development and the Green Economy in International Trade Law Mary Footer (Britain) Locknie Hsu (HQ)
Meredith Kolsky Lewis (New Zealand)
Gary Horlick
Amelia Porges
Paolo Farah (Alternate)
Use of Force Sir Michael C. Wood (Britain) Noam Lubell (Britain) Sean Murphy
Mary Ellen O'Connell
Jennifer Trahan
Ruth Wedgwood

ILA Study Groups and U.S. Members
Study Group Chair(s) Rapporteur(s) U.S. Member(s)
Business and Human Rights Michael K. Addo (Britain) Anthony Crockett (Australia)
Rae Lindsay (Britain)
Beth Stephens
Content and Evolution of the Rules of Interpretation Photini Pazartzis (Hellenic)
Geir Ulfstein (Norwegian)
Panos Merkouris (Hellenic)
Daniel Peat (Britain)
Julian Arato
Joel Trachtman
Individual Responsibility in International Law Chimene Keitner (U.S.)
Lorna Mcgregor (Britain)
Socially Responsible Investment Ida Levine (Britain) Myriam Senn (Switzerland) Barbara Woodward
Sovereign Bankruptcy Michael Waibel (Austria) Brian Hunt (Canada) Lee Buchheit
Sean Hagan
Cynthia Lichtenstein
Jeremiah Pam
Hal Scott
UN Sanctions and International Law Larissa J. van den Herrik (Netherlands) Kristin Boon (U.S.)
Mirko Sossai (Italy)
Beth Van Schaack
Caterina Ventura
International Tax Law Juliane Kokott (Germany)   -
Teaching of International Law John Gamble (U.S.)   John Gamble
The Conduct of Hostilities under International Humanitarian Law - Challenges of the 21st Century Warfare T.D. Gill (Netherlands)
Robin Geiss (Germany)
Robert Heinsch (Germany)
Geoffrey S. Corn
Michael Schmitt
The Role of Cities in International Law Helmut Aust (Germany)
Janne E. Nijman (Netherlands)
UN Sanctions and International Law Larissa J van den Herik (Netherlands) Kristen Boon (U.S.)
Mirko Sossai (Italy)
Beth Van Schaack
Caterina Ventura
Use of Domestic Law Principles For the Development of International Law M. H. Mendelson QC (Britain) Alejandro Carballo (Spain) Arnold Pronto

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